Early Years Printables Bundle with 92% discount

I am happy to present you the awesome bundle that I am the part of - Early Years Bundle
Very talented educators, parents, and homeschoolers collaborated to create a wonderful collection of goods! It contains 54 items with printables, ebooks, educational materials, and learning resources! 

It is perfect for:
- parents
- teachers
- homeschoolers

The pack is full of original ideas, crafts, educational cards, parenting guides, activity lists and so many other!

The total value of the bundle is more than $400 BUT to help fellow educators and parent we reduced the price and give you 92% discount! You can buy it for $29.95 only!

You can find 3 of my printable in there:
- Farm animals families 3-part cards
- 5 materials for learning about seasons
- Artist and his Painting matching cards

Note that it is a one time offer and it is available till the 10th of September only!

Are you curious what is inside?? Take a look!


Dr. Montessori's Litany

I remember long time ago I stumbled on something like a Montessori prayer. Then I lost it and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find it. Recently I tried one more time and I had luck! Though it was not a Montessori prayer but Dr. Montessori's litany! 
"To have unbounded faith in children. To know that each child has great potential and to have the patience and wisdom to bring it forth. May love and understanding lead me."
The words that it contains are so inspirational and true to Montessori method. I could not find the origin of it, so I am not sure that it was written exactly by Maria Montessori, but that doesn't matter because this litany describes Montessori principles so perfectly.

We all need little reminders everyday to inspire us, to encourage us, to give us strength, to calm us, to show us the path if we got lost.
"To protect children always from my own nerves, from irritability, prejudice, pessimism, or fear, showing and practicing in their presence only the opposites. May love and understanding lead me."
I made the litany into a file and printed it out for myself. I hang it on the wall where I can see it often. I try to read some pieces of it every other day. It really helps me to be better and to feel better.

You can download this file for free also and print it for yourself.

How can you use it:

- hang it on the wall for inspiration
- put it into a frame and place on your work table
- hang it in your school for teachers to read in the morning
- hang it in your school hall for parents to read
- print it out for parents of your community
- put it into the assistance album for new teachers
"To help children choose the life work they are best fitted for. To stir up the gift that is in them. To discover the talent or talents that they truly have, the inner pattern that they came with. May real understanding lead me."
If you know about the origins of this litany please write me in comments. I am so curious to know more!


10 Ideas for learning about seasons in Montessori classroom or home

I love learning about seasons in Montessori classroom. It is always wonderful to observe changing of the seasons. Every time of the year has its peculiarities and children are so eager to learn and discover them. They are fascinated by the miraculous circle of seasons. It is a truly genuine process from birth to fading that we are able to see. It is always nice to have a walk in the park or forest and to investigate season in nature and to put your observations down to the nature journal.
I always have some materials in the classroom and on the shelves for seasons study. In this post I prepared for you a list of things that you can use to promote interest of children for seasons study.

1.  Think about the seasonal decoration that you can use in your house or classroom, like for example, fresh flowers in a vase, snowflakes cut out of paper, plates with the autumn leaves pattern, towels with seasonal embroidery, pillow with the typical picture.

2.  Use paintings with a seasonal theme to make your space beautiful. I use seasons in paintings material for this purpose. I hang paintings made by wonderful artists on the walls. They depict breathtaking moments from different seasons. I also put them in frames on the shelves. They are wonderful for matching pictures work. I present them as language activity for discussing and describing. I was amazed by how children love them. This helps their language developments, they observe beauty, appreciate art and learn about seasons of course! 

3. Decorate room with realistic seasonal pictures, like photos of animals of cold countries, seasonal landscapes, photos of the child from different times of the year.

4. Create a corner in the room dedicated to the seasons. You can hang there some calendar or seasons timeline. Put there some cards about seasons or special items, cloth elements and other.

5. Create a seasonal nature table. Put there some nature treasures that are typical for every season, such as pumpkin, flowers, leaves, branches, chestnuts, moss, fruits, vegetables and other.

6. Learn about seasons using all the senses. Get outdoors and listen to the sounds of nature with your kids. Another opportunity is to use my FREE sounds of the seasons collection. There are sounds of autumn rain in the forest, birds twitter in summer park, winter wind and thunderstorm sound, spring rain sound and many other. I sorted all them so you can use them easily. This is a big hit with kids. We use it sometimes for peace education, sensorial development of hearing, language development. Children listen to them so carefully. They like then to describe the sounds they heard and the situation they imagined.
Train the sense of smell and taste by exploring seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers and other treasures.
7. Choose books that can accompany the current season or its elements. You can showcase them at your seasonal corner too.

8. Include seasonal works in some areas of your classroom, like for example cookies or cloves crumbling in a mortar are wonderful for practical life shelves in winter. Using chestnuts for counting variations is another idea. Seasonal elements can be added to any area.

9. Discuss features of every season by observing nature with children. Spend some time outdoors, create a nature journal, make notes after your observations.

10. Use my seasonal printables during your learning process. I created a series of different printables that can be interesting and educational for children. You can purchase them independently or in the bundle. The bundle includes 6 different materials with about 100 pages. I really like these printables and I can definitely say they are worth buying. I have put a big amount of work and time in creating them.

My materials for learning about seasons and months that can be interesting for you: